Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a feline wants ...

Greetings in this new year from Tabby, Cat's cat.
Since Cat seems inclined to write books, muttering about deadlines, instead of Important Things, I have volunteered to become her blogger. I will, of course, tell her about this eventually. In the meantime, mum's the word, okay?
What qualifies me to serve as her voice to you, her adoring fans?
I am a cat. Nuff said.
What, you want more. Fine then.
While modesty forces me to stop just short of declaring myself her muse, consider this: When she is at the keyboard, I am perched on her printer, only feet away. When she pauses, I glare at her. On occasion, when minutes go by without the sound of keys being hit, I actually lower myself to speak to her.
You'd be amazed by what a well-placed "Meow!" can do.
I hope by now you've purchased and read her fabulous "Kentucky Blues." I've read the reviews of the book, and while critics praise it, I am disturbed by one glaring omission:
No one mentions the cat!

Unfortunately, her newest novel, "No Safe Place," doesn't have a cat in it. I've read some blah-blah about it in reviews, about how wonderful the characters are and how the suspense is exciting, but here's the real scoop:
Cat's heroine works at a diner!
I must say, every time I sneaks to the computer after she foes to bed to proof-read her work, I look to see if she mentions food. It's thrilling to read about meatloaf and chocolate cake and all those wonderful things she makes for herself and selfishly refuses to share with me.
(An aside here -- the dog gets bites, while I'm forced to survive on dry food because I refuse to sit like a fool at her feet and beg. That's the price I pay, I suppose, for keeping my dignity.)
Now that I've made your acquaintance, I hope you'll come back from time to time for a cat's eye view of Cat's life. And do be sure to drop by to see what's happening at her publisher's, and remember, you can buy her books in e-book or print wherever such things are sold.
Which is NOT where you can also buy toy mice -- I've already checked.



  1. Tabby, have you ever thought of having your own Twitter account? Seems like you have a lot to say....

  2. You sure have a very nice blog.
    Sue B

  3. Hi Tabby,

    I'm Maxwell, and my sister is Roxy. We're Ruth Hartman's cats. She's a writer, too. And while all of her romance novels have cats in them, we figure, what good does that do for us? I mean, why should she write about other cats when she has perfect, well, us!!!

    Best of luck with your blog. We admire any other cat who expends enough energy to do that sort of thing. We're lazy so we don't. But as far as we're concerned, you rock!!!

  4. Tabby:

    Suzanne Barrett, who thinks she owns me, but it's the other way around, is also a writer. I've trained her to put cats in her books; in fact, in one of hers, her skin person had nine of us. Oh, the fun we had!

    She read and reviewed Kentucky Blues and told me it's good. At least she understands good books.

    Well, it's time for my next nap. Since I'm eighteen and a half, I take a lot of them in the course of a day.

    Be talking to you.


  5. I am Sox, and that is Midnight Rose. I do the typing as Midnight Rose is the dumbest cat I've ever met. We own Jennifer Johnson who is a colleague of Cat's, I believe.

    Tell her the next time she comes over to the house, not to bother with the Tim Horton doughnut holes, but to bring some tuna instead.